Association of Harvard Asian and Asian American Faculty and Staff (AHAAAFS)

Association of Harvard Asian and Asian American Faculty and Staff

As one of the Employee Resource Groups, the Association of Harvard Asian and Asian American Faculty and Staff (AHAAAFS) was established to provide opportunities for networking, career development, awareness, and support for Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander faculty and staff. It also serves as a resource for the larger Asian and Asian American community at Harvard. All staff and faculty are welcome to participate in AHAAAFS events and activities. 

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Varsha Ghosh, Co-Chair, Director, Faculty of Arts & Science
Margaret Okada-Scheck, Co-Chair, Harvard Divinity School

Joanne Kang, Institutional Research Analyst, School of Engineering and Applied Science

Ellen Tang, Assistant Director, Graduate School of Design

Ngoc Tang, Senior Diversity Talent Consultant, Harvard Human Resources

Stephanie Yun, Assistant Director, Harvard Kennedy School

Harvard University, Office of the Assistant to the President for Institutional Diversity and Equity
The Office of the Assistant to the President, established in July 1971, is committed to ensuring that Harvard University selects faculty and staff without discriminating against individuals on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, creed, national origin, age, veteran status, or disability unrelated to job requirements. The Office provides counsel to individuals who belong to the university community on these and other related matters.

Harvard University, Office of Faculty Development and Diversity
Our mission is to make the University a more welcoming and diverse institution by devising strategies for attracting exceptional scholars and nurturing their development.

Harvard University Asia Center
Generating and sharing knowledge about Asia in transnational and transregional perspective. Fostering teaching, collaboration, and innovation across and beyond cultural and disciplinary boundaries.

The Harvard Foundation
The Foundation seeks to involve students of all racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds in the ongoing enterprises of the University. The Foundation sponsors annual programs and activities that are designed to promote interracial and intercultural awareness and understanding in the Harvard community, as well as to highlight the cultural contributions of students from all backgrounds.

Harvard Asian American Alumni Alliance
Our mission is to foster and promote the global community of Harvard Asian alumni.