LGBTQ Staff and Faculty Employee Resource Group (QERG)

We stand on the shoulders of giants -- many staff and faculty who worked tirelessly (on top of their other jobs) to make Harvard a leader in LGBTQ policies and programs. Since 2003, we have been meeting informally -- finding each other here or there and building a community. We will use this space in the future to detail this history and the incredible efforts of others. In the meantime, join us as we forge a new group together.

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The mission of the LGBTQ Staff and Faculty Employee Resource Group (QERG) of Harvard University is to ensure that Harvard is a welcoming and inclusive workplace for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, nonbinary, and queer employees. The QERG works with the University’s many schools, offices, Harvard University Police,  and LGBTQ leaders in our shared goal of ensuring Harvard is a great place to both work and learn.The QERG serves as a visible, accessible resource for LGBTQ employees and will provide recruitment, networking and career development opportunities.






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Past Newsletters-

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Harvard LGBTQ Staff and Faculty Employee Resource Group (QERG) Executive Committee 2019-2020:

Co-Chair: Meagan Sobel, Executive Assistant, Harvard University Employees Credit Union |

Co-Chair: Sonia David, Administrative Coordinator, Harvard Foundation |

Operations and Administration Chair: Megan Gianniny, High School Programs Associate, Harvard Summer School |

Membership and Engagement Chair: Vacant

Finance Chair: Meagan Sobel, Executive Assistant, Harvard University Employees Credit Union |


Some other ways to get connected with LGBTQ folks across the University (besides signing up for the ERG mailing list!) are: 



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LGBTQ+ Events in Boston

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**Image Discription- A calendar for the month of February with events that are either LGBTQ+ hosted, run, or events that are specifucally designed for LGBTQ+ folks. At the top of the image, it says "Boston LGBTQ+ Events"  and "February 2020" underneath. Below that is the monthly calendar, there are no events listed before February 6th. Each event is hyperlinked to an external page with more information. There is also a list of the events below the image discription, along with links. To the right of the calendar are various dots, squiggles, circles, and lines, that are purple, yellow, pink, and light blue. A link to our website is at the bottom of the page**

Calendar items are listed below- 

February 6th

QERG Meeting -

February 7th

Love Boum! Queer Dance Party! - https:/

Paris is Burning - https:/

Anthem Fridays - https:/

February 8th

Gender Free Contra Dance -


Unite -

February 9th-

Radical Wellness Fair -

Tea with Dame -

February 10th- 

Astrology and Sex 101 -

Drag Bingo -

February 11th-

Saloon Line Dancing-

Trivia Tuesday-

Walk-in Testing-

February 12th-

Trans Health Program-

Atomic Karaoke -

Lesbian Speed Dating -

February 13th-

#YASSS! Thursday-

Queer Film Club-

Gaylentine's Day-

February 14th-

Anthem Fridays - https:/

Moulin Rouge Valentine's Day Dinner -

Love is Love Valentines Party-

February 15th-

Love Ball-

Drag Hangover Brunch-

Unite -

February 16th-

Tea with Dame -

Bloww: Nether Regionals -

BOP: Album Revival -

February 17th- 

An Evening with Andrea Gibson-

Drag Bingo -

February 18th-

Trans and Gender Diverse Support Group-

Trivia Tuesday-

Walk-in Testing-

February 19th-

Queer Secrets of the MFA-

Speed Dating -

Atomic Karaoke -

February 20th-

Throwback Thursday -

#YASSS! Thursday-

February 21st-

House Boi-

LGBTQ Meditation-

Anthem Fridays - https:/

February 22nd- 

Miss Leading Ladies-

Get You A Babe Who Can Do Both-

Unite -

February 23rd- 

Tea with Dame - 

Bears, Bews, and Boys-

Comedy Open Mic-

February 24th- 

Drag Bungo-

Queer Tango-

February 25th

Songs For A New World-

Trivia Tuesday-

Walk-in Testing-

February 26th-

Trans Health Program-

Atomic Karaoke -

February 27th- 

Queers Against Winter-

Boston Ballet Queer Takeover-

#YASSS! Thursday-

February 28th- 

Gay Bash'd-

Anthem Fridays-

Drag Race Fridays-

February 29th-

LGBTQ+ PoC Game Night & Spades Tournament -

QTPOC Bookclub-

Queer Board Game Night-

Don't Ask Don't Tell -


**End of Events**